Group of Friends

Our Vision, Ethos and Values

Our Vision

At the Ryes we believe in

Building a Caring Environment Together That Nurtures Individual, Life Long Growth and Positive Experiences. 

Our Ethos is that:

  • All children have the ability to learn

  • Children come to school with knowledge and experience of the world; our role is to help them to develop new understandings and skills

  • All children, regardless of social background or academic ability, have the right to a good quality education.

Our Values

We use the Secure Base Model for Schools as our platform for Education

Our Values are built around the five pillars of the Secure Base Model for Schools: Availability, Sensitivity, Acceptance, Co-operation and School Membership



We value School Membership and promote belonging for all

School Membership Means 

  • Knowing you are safe

  • Knowing your voice will be heard

  • Wanting the best for each other

  • Being part of creating a warm, welcoming environment

Everyone here has been chosen to be part of our school community


We value Acceptance of ourselves and others  which builds our self esteem

Acceptance Means

  • Acknowledging and valuing the lived experiences we all bring to the school

  • Nurturing a happy, relaxed environment with laughter and creativity

  • Working hard to create a culture that celebrates diversity and welcomes difference

  • Appreciating the role of the school in making positive childhood memories and building self-belief

  • Providing an environment that members of our school want to learn and work in

  • Respecting ourselves and others, and helping everyone manage setbacks

By understanding and accepting ourselves we can build our future dreams


We value Availability which builds trust

Availability Means

  • Not giving up on each other

  • Building positive relationships together

  • Treating each other as we want to be treated

  • Creating an environment where people feel safe enough to be honest

To grow together we have to trust we want the best for each other at all times


We value Co-operation which makes us all feel effective

Co-operation Means

  • Hearing and respecting each others points of view

  • Contributing and working towards individual and shared goals

  • Believing we all have the ability to learn

  • Valuing the learning process

  • Striving to always improve and move forwards

  • Treating everyone equally, fairly and professionally

By co-operating we find new ways forwards, together


We value Sensitivity which helps us manage our feelings and behaviours

Sensitivity Means 

  • Helping people to learn to express and manage their feelings appropriately

  • Respecting and valuing others feelings and experiences

  • Providing a physical and emotional environment that promotes positive mental health and well-being for all

  • Wanting the best for each other

  • Acknowledging and rewarding effort as well as achievement

By understanding and learning how to express our feelings we can build positive behaviour