Look at this wall built by an Argyll House Pupil

One of our Pupils from Argyll House built this wall. He is very proud of it, and so he should be. Its simply fantastic. Well done R!! 

The First Ryes Poetry Competition

The competition, inspired by the national Poetry By Heart event, requires entrants to learn a poem by heart and then perform it to an audience. The performances are then judged on accuracy, dramatic effect and how well they entertain an audience.


Despite the Covid-19 restrictions, there were seven entrants performing a range of poems from Spike Milligan rhymes to William Blake’s The Tyger. All the students worked incredibly hard to learn their poems and some of their choices were ambitious.


Staff and young people alike were entertained and inspired by the performances on the day, but the winner was Year 10 student Spencer, who is currently studying at home. His entry was a film clip of the Witches Song from Act I Scene 4 of Macbeth. You can see the winner yourself if you follow this link:  https://youtu.be/9x9x-g7ZjpM  


The runners-up were Chris (pictured here) with a poem about Persephone in Greek Myth and Connor with Blake’s The Tyger.

Assington Play Park

Before Christmas, Sarah O'Shea Brown, our ASDAN instructor, took a lead role in the raising of funds which would contribute towards the construction of the children's play area in Assington's local park. We collected brick a brac and  made a selection of wooden items, which were then sold at the local market.  We also organised a community auction , raising on total the considerable sum of £1000.

On 7th March, Daniel Lawrence, Headteacher was pleased to attend the official opening of the park.  Daniel spoke with a number of the councilors and was delighted with the impact that the park would have for families in the local community.

Local community leaders spoke warmly of the Ryes College and Community and Daniel is looking forward to continuing to build relationships with the local community. 

The photo was taken by Assington Auto's and I explained that I would plug them.....So thanks to Assington Auto's for providing the photo and for the continued support that they have given Ryes College staff for car parts.

Visit From Turning Point

I came for my second visit to Pump farm to deliver some universal education around drugs and alcohol to the students, this time my colleague Laura also attended with me. From start to finish our experience was nothing less than a pleasure. All staff were accommodating and welcoming throughout. For the session with the young people we had 8 young males who sat throughout a full hour long session where we covered harm reduction and risks around numerous drugs including stimulants, depressants and hallucinogens. Each and every young person engaged well and were polite and appropriate throughout the session, asking fitting questions. They all managed to sit for the full hour and some even stayed at the end to ask further questions. We look forward to coming back to Pump Farm!



Many Thanks, Beth Bradshaw  Young Persons Drug and Alcohol Misuse Worker

Running Suits

In July 2019 a group of year 11 Pupils went to climb Snowdon. 

A third of the way up! Everyone felt proud of their achievement. 


The group returned to the hostel for refreshments and a rest. Everyone helped to prepare the food for the barbecue and then everything needed was carried down to the river opposite the Hostel. It was a lovely sunny evening and we had fun skimming stones and looking for fish


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